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Air Con Installation

New homeowners in Singapore need to take note that before performing renovation on their new premise, air con installation should be done as a priority because of the layering of the pipes in the house which must be done first before covering them up. As such, the workmanship of the air con company workers is very important because once the pipes are not properly connected and cover up, it will be very difficult to make adjustments when leaking occurs.

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Air Con Servicing

Aircon servicing or maintenance could be one of the most common request by homeowners in Singapore. With an average temperature of 31 degrees celsius and surrounded by water which increases humidity, the heat can be unpleasant on residents living in Singapore at times. To make things worse, Singapore has been invaded by haze in recent years causing air pollution in an already hot and frustrating environment.

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Air Con Repair

Aircon repair is a piece of work which requires extensive knowledge of how air conditioning system works, where to troubleshoot for the problematic areas. Customers will be able to filter out the professional aircon companies through aircon repair jobs. Repairing faulty aircons is a straightforward measurement of the aircon technicians / engineers technical skills, you either know or you don’t know, simple as that.

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