Air Con Installation

New homeowners in Singapore need to take note that before performing renovation on their new premise, air con installation should be done as a priority because of the layering of the pipes in the house which must be done first before covering them up. As such, the workmanship of the air con company workers is very important because once the pipes are not properly connected and cover up, it will be very difficult to make adjustments when leaking occurs.

Big Bear employ workers that have more than 3 years of experience in installing aircon and ensure the workers have proper certification attained in Singapore institution. Assistants will also have to perform a series of technical test during their probation period to prove their capability before supporting the main worker on an actual installation job. A good installer will also ensure that trunking are hidden from view so that the installation looks neat and tidy.

Workmanship also come hand in hand with quality of material such as insulator, copper pipes etc. An essential step that is often overlooked is the vacuuming of the pipes after installing to reduce moisture, workers from Big Bear are trained to perform this critical step in their installation.

Unlike most air con companies, Big Bear does not charge customers for site survey when they are interested in engaging us to install air con units. Big Bear will employ an engineer or technician to the customer premise and perform site survey for power distribution planning of the air con unit to each room in the house. Most air con companies will just buy according to the aircon models preferred by the customers but did not perform a site survey at the customer’s house to plan for the proper capacity size required for the house. Most customers may not be aware but an air con model do comes with different capacity size to suit the needs of the people and floor space of the house.

For a free site survey on air con installation for your house, please call Big Bear @ 9179 5177

Please also call us for air con servicing and maintenance.