Air Con Repair

Aircon repair is a piece of work which requires extensive knowledge of how air conditioning system works, where to troubleshoot for the problematic areas. Customers will be able to filter out the professional aircon companies through aircon repair jobs. Repairing faulty aircons is a straightforward measurement of the aircon technicians / engineers technical skills, you either know or you don’t know, simple as that.

Customers may sometime face situation where they have a faulty aircon and set up an appointment with an aircon repair company. Upon checking, the technicians will inform the homeowner that the aircon is beyond repair and suggest that they buy a second-hand aircon unit from the company to replace the faulty aircon and save money instead of purchasing a brand new system 2 or 3 aircon. Ignorant customers are often misled into buying the second-hand aircon unit which are often refurbished set that requires repair in a few months time and set up the platform for the same aircon company to quote a price for repair again.

In many situation, the problems that arise in faulty aircon are minor and could be fixed through troubleshooting and changing small parts. However, homeowners are not recommended to perform troubleshooting on their own and it is crucial to engage a professional aircon provider to rectify the problems.

Big Bear is one of the few air-conditioning company in Singapore to provide money-back guarantee. This is the confidence that Big Bear provides and the reason is because Big Bear has in place a system that ensures the technicians they employ have been properly trained and hold certification in aircon repair, servicing and installation. Big Bear understands that result is what the customers want and things like friendly customer service, affordable price and number of years in industry are secondary in nature.

If you have a problem with your aircon today or for a prolonged period already and none of the aircon company you engage can fixed the problem, you need to call Big Bear @ 9179 5177

We also service your aircon at reasonable rate.