Air Con Servicing

Aircon servicing or maintenance could be one of the most common request by homeowners in Singapore. With an average temperature of 31 degrees celsius and surrounded by water which increases humidity, the heat can be unpleasant on residents living in Singapore at times. To make things worse, Singapore has been invaded by haze in recent years causing air pollution in an already hot and frustrating environment.

A significant number of families in Singapore have air conditioning system installed in their house, some for personal usage and some for tenants who rent their house. Due to the weather and haze, families in Singapore are inclined to turn on the aircon everyday and resulting in heavy usage. In particular, babies and elderly are the individuals commonly staying indoor and the condition of aircon has a direct impact on their health especially if they have heart or respiratory diseases. Which is why aircon servicing and maintenance plays a big part in the aircon industry.

To quote “Hot and wet climate facilitates the growth of mites and mould.According to studies performed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air”

Essentially and where affordability exists, every homeowner with air conditioners installed in their house should perform a quarterly servicing on their air conditioners. A very basic package of aircon servicing would normally include cleaning of air filter, condenser and fan coil of every aircon unit in the house and clearing of the drainage pipe. A responsible aircon company will also include basic checking of every aircon unit and advise the homeowner for any existing and potential problems that may arise. Homeowners who are looking for a much comprehensive and detailed servicing, especially after a haze period, can also opt for chemical wash and steam cleaning on top of their basic servicing package. It is also recommended that homeowners perform an overhaul on their aircon fan coil to prolong its useful life.

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